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The cultural centre of the region

Nagykanizsa's time of glory that determines the look of the cityscape today was the 19th century. The town first grew into the market then later into the administrative and cultural centre of the region.

From the era of the Monarchy, the town inherited lively and developing trading activities, which still defines the cityscape today with banks, Classicist, Eclectic, and Secessionist buildings with uniform façades, imposing and spacious green areas to welcome visitors. The tavern-like cakeshops, cafés and restaurants have a cosy and Mediterranean feel.

Today there are a number of cultural institutions, communities and companies working and performing in the town:

  • Orff Percussionists,
  • The Starts of Kanizsa (band),
  • Igricek Folk Band,
  • Kanizsa Folk Dane Ensemble,
  • Zalagyöngye Folk Dance Ensemble,
  • Symphonic Orchestra,
  • and lots of choirs.

The town hosts a number of nationally and internationally acclaimed cultural events:

  • International Jazz Festival,
  • Cserfő JazzLand,
  • Igricek Festival,
  • Csengey Dénes Poetry and Prose Contest of the Carpathian-Basin,
  • Ludvig Artists Colony,
  • Wine and Dumpling Festival,
  • Military International Equestrian Show,
  • and the Town Day.

Famous residents of the town:

  • Lajos Batthyány, baron and palatine
  • Baron István Bethlen prime minister, MP of Nagykanizsa
  • Ernő Buda, mining engineer
  • Ferenc Deák, "The Wise Man of the Nation"
  • Ferenc Fejtő, historian and journalist
  • Sándor Hevesi, theatre director and stage director
  • Zsigmond Kunfi, minister
  • Dr. Ferenc Mező, Olympic champion
  • Gyula Wlassics, minister
  • Győző Zemplén, physicist
  • Miklós Zrínyi, poet and captain

Liveable city, ultimate recreation

The beauty of the Zala landscape does not only enchant visitors, but provides residents with the perfect environment to relax and unwind There are a number of recreational and sport facilities and opportunities in Nagykanizsa and its neighbourhood to welcome people wishing to unwind and relax. There are famous hunting areas, thermal baths, and healthcare centres to provide people with fantastic opportunities to spend free time actively. The artificial boating lake on the eastern edge of the town is an ideal spot for hikers, fishing and water sport enthusiasts.

In a few sports, Nagykanizsa has produced some outstanding results not only nationally, but in international competition as well. Beside the representatives of acrobatic gymnastics and shuttlecock kicking, the town is also proud of its chess players representing the Aquaprofit Nagykanizsa Tungsram Chess Club.

There is a large number of sport facilities in town for tourists and residents. There is a swimming pool, a city pool, various sport halls, sport pitches and courses not only for footballers, tennis players, and fencers but even for baseball and motocross fans as well. 

People seeking gastronomical delights will also be able to find the right flavours for the pallet with a wide range of local and international dishes on offer in the town's taverns, restaurants, cafés and wine cellars.